ePlanet Interactive is a digital marketing agency specialized in strategic planning, online brand activations, and social community engagement, for the small and medium scale businesses in the era of cyberspace revolution.

Marketers and brand managers are fast learning that all what they have learned about marketing in the text books are obsolete, if not already proven wrong by someone else. Businesses are learning that, the power of internet and online media can revolutionize the way they communicate with their customers. With the growing popularity of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, customers are getting easy access for more first hand information about products and services they consume. These new media channels differ largely from the traditional mass media channels on which, the brand managers and marketers used to have more control over their messages. In other words, the media through which you have to communicate with your customers are becoming more and more interactive each day, while your customers are gaining more and more bargaining power on these new media channels. Sooner or later, having these new channels in your marketing mix will become a necessity, rather than an option. When is the best time for you to adopt your digital media strategy? You have to build your digital media efforts now, before you need them unexpectedly in the future.

We at ePlanet Interactive are ready to help you in digitalizing your marketing mix, with our expertize knowledge in the field of eMarketing, eCommerce, eBranding, and Social Media Marketing.